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Let me rant, okay?

Fuck you, Father.

"I have no money, there's no money"
Okay... well my computer's still broken.  You yell at me everytime I need money when I offer to use my own.
Flashback "I'll pay for everything that has to do with school.  You don't need to worry about it."
The present "There's no money for me to get you a new computer.  So don't hold you breath."
Oh, so there's no money?  So I don't get financial aid because you make too much of this thing called money, but there's none of it, dear old Dad?

SWEET.  So how about we go out on that BRAND NEW back porch and sit in our BRAND NEW fucking hot tub and contemplate about where all this MONEY went.

So, in the mean time I won't have a functioning computer, and I won't call up technology services because they charge $55 an hour and we don't have THAT KIND OF MONEY.

Fuck you, I need to get a job and never be dependent on this man ever again.  People actually do these things and they struggle, but they're still living.
I never want his help ever again.
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